Collabroation with Stefan Schmidt/Farang for the Group Exhibition Outer Dark, Frankfurt, Museum für Angewandte Kunst

For the installation, which was made especially for the Frankfurt exhibition, Garland Coo and the sound designer Stefan Schmidt captured the sound of the Black Forest: the sounds of primordial nature, a wild and rugged landscape full of magic, far away from the tourist kitsch of cuckoo clocks and traditional costumes. Surrounded by the rushing of the wind, the rustling of trees and the burbling of deep lakes, the visitor enters an artificial world in which the most profound aesthetic convictions of the designer find their expression. The hermaphrodite in the installation, and its gaze towards the deconstruction of a design, ultimately stand for the dichotomy between concealing and emphasising the body, for a life in ambivalence, for uniting apparent anti-theses – like those immanent to a label that chooses seclusion in order to enjoy international success: “Darkness cannot exists without light and light not without darkness, everywhere there is light, there will be shadow.” (Jasmin Isabel Eckerle)

released 13 June 2013
music for garland coo’s installation during
‘outer dark: continuing after fashion’
(13 june – 15 september 2013 / museum für angewandte kunst frankfurt).

music & sound design: stefan schmidt

the basic raw material (stones, earth, water, wood and other sound sources from the black forest) was created by jasmin isabel eckerle, marcel singer, joschi mitzu, marco kögel & stefan schmidt.
recorded on the 27th of may 2013 at the petersee baden-baden.